About Us


The Center for Economic Development Research is a unit of the Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI²). EI² is Georgia Tech’s chief business outreach and economic development organization. Its core mission is to help business, industry, entrepreneurs, and economic developers across Georgia grow and remain competitive.

At the Center for Economic Development Research, we help our clients—economic developers, community leaders, and industries—prosper through sustainable economic development. Our staff members include:

  • Economists,
  • City Planning Professionals,
  • Economic Development Analysts, and
  • Public Policy Researchers.

All have extensive experience in performing applied research for the economic development community. Our services include studies on work force supply and demand, fiscal and economic impact analysis, feasibility analyses for specific projects, regional business opportunities analysis, and industry profiles. When needed, staff can supplement their skills by calling on Georgia Tech academic faculty to assist in specific research projects.

Through our studies, we help our clients understand the opportunities and challenges in fostering local and regional economic development. How can we help your community?

Meet the Team