Our staff employs powerful analytical tools to address the needs of communities of all sizes. With these tools and our expertise, we can provide your community with thorough and reliable economic development research. Here are some of the tools we use in our studies:

LOCI™ – Developed originally as a desktop application at Georgia Tech, LOCI™ is the industry standard for analyzing local fiscal impacts. Currently delivered over the web, it estimates how a proposed project or action impacts your community’s fiscal outlook. It describes the value of the project by showing how the project affects your community’s revenue and service needs, including the impact of incentives. LOCI™ is now owned by a private firm, and Georgia Tech is the only university in Georgia licensed to use it for community economic development research.


State Fiscal Impact Model – Also developed at Georgia Tech, the State Fiscal Impact Model measures the impact of a project or industry on state revenues and state expenditures. With this model, we can quantify the benefits of a project or industry to the state’s budget.

Other Tools – Our staff has access to a wide array of other research tools and data sources, such as IMPLAN, EMSI, and ESRI to name a few. With these tools, we can tailor an economic and fiscal impact analysis, strengthen a labor market study, or enhance a strategic plan to fit the needs of your community.